The Silicon Valley Chapter serves the local, state, federal agencies and military communities. The chapter focuses on Communication Systems as they pertain to unified communication and collaboration, security, and information assurance. The chapter enriches its membership through regularly scheduled events at locations throughout the Chapter region. Fund raising activities bolster our ongoing awards and scholarship program.

Cyber Security Presentation - 6 August

An excellent meeting!!!! Cisco Systems Incorporated opened its doors to host the chapter’s quarterly luncheon. The meeting focused on the vulnerabilities and perils of Internet security. The speakers, Jonathan Bennun, Cisco security product manager, and Reema Prasad, Cisco solutions architect, provided concrete examples of flaws in Internet security and insights into how hackers leverage those flaws. Bennun started off by saying, "It is challenging for the common user to understand Internet security beyond just passwords, but it is important to face that challenge in order to understand concrete risks and ways of mitigation." The group then delved into discussing whose job it is to improve national and personal security. Prasad stated, "There must be a collaborative effort between the government and civilian sectors to take on cybersecurity through continuous monitoring and analyzing collected data." The chapter’s November meeting will look at social media and personal privacy.

Please stay tuned for our 5 November meeting announcement!

Thank you,
Your AFCEA Silicon Valley Chapter Board of Directors